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Is It Time To Scrap Your Car?

  • April 28th, 2021

Sometimes it is a really hard decision to scrap your old vehicle especially if you’ve enjoyed happy motoring and owned it for many years. Sadly, the time often comes when it’s better to admit defeat and have your car scrapped. By choosing to scrap your vehicle, its parts can be reused.

At Scrap Car Compare, we help ensure that you get a competitive price for your scrap car. We will ensure your vehicle is safely disposed of so you can feel satisfied in the fact that the process is completed in an environmentally friendly manner through a registered ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility). 

If you’re finding it hard to make a decision between selling your car or getting it scrapped, here are some signs that it might be time to scrap your car:

You’re spending more on repairs than the car is worth

You could be making regular trips to the car mechanics to get parts fixed every few months. Perhaps the vehicle has failed its MOT repeatedly, making it illegal to drive and costing money for more repairs.

You might be spending more money on getting parts repaired and serviced than what the car is actually worth. If the cost of repair is substantially more than the cost of your vehicle to sell, it is worth considering the car scrap process with Scrap Car Compare.

Driving with anxiety and concern

An unreliable car can be dangerous, especially if you are travelling long distances or using the motorway at speed. If you’re constantly worried that your car won’t make the journey, it’s time to have a think about how well it’s performing versus scrapping the vehicle and purchasing a car that aliveinetes the concern of driving.

Car not used

Has your old car been sat on the road or driveway for many months whilst you decide what to do with it? Cars that aren’t being used are simply an unnecessary expense and still have a scrap value with Scrap Car Compare.

Your engine warning light is on

If you’re engine warning light never disappears, it might be time to get your car scrapped. Engine lights are a sign of a fault in the engine. Repairs can often incur high mechanic costs to fix. If you’re thinking you could sell your vehicle, think again. Buyers will want to know why the warning light is constantly being displayed.

Selling your car

You might have had your vehicle up for sale for months, but are yet to get it sold.

Your car might have performance issues and/or have rust problems which could be off putting to potential buyers.

If any of these signs have resonated with you, its time to scrap your car.

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