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My Vehicle Failed Its MOT- What next?

  • April 28th, 2021

MOT failures are more common than you might think. 1 in every 3 cars fail their MOT test so it’s important to know your options.  

In the event of a failed MOT, the test centre will issue you with a VT30 ‘Refusal of an MOT Test Certificate’. This document contains your vehicle’s details, the MOT test number and a list of the reasons why it didn’t pass. Keep hold of this document as you’ll need it to have your vehicle retested. You’ll also need it if you wish to appeal the failure. 

Firstly, let’s look at fixing your vehicle.  

You have a couple of options when it comes to fixing your vehicle in order to have it retested.  

Depending on the garage you chose to have the MOT test, and also the reason for the failure, you may be able to have the issues resolved the same day. However, if the part needs to be ordered in or the test centre does not do repairs, you will have 2-10 working days to fix the vehicle and have a partial retest. 

If the test centre you used does repairs, you can leave your vehicle to be fixed. Or drive it away until the repairs can be scheduled (within 10 days). Both options would qualify for a free partial retest. 

Alternatively, if the test centre does not do repairs you are entitled to take the car away for repairs and bring it back to the original testing centre.  

– If you return within one working day, you will receive a free partial retest. 

– If you return within 10 working days, you will be charged a partial retest fee. 

You will be charged for a full MOT test if you bring your car back after 10 working days. 

Appealing an MOT test

If you feel that your vehicle has been unfairly failed, you can appeal the MOT. Before starting the process ensure you discuss the reasons why the vehicle failed with the test centre to avoid any miscommunication issues. However, if you still want to go ahead with the appeal process after the discussion here are your next steps.  

Refrain from making any repairs or modifications to the vehicle as this could cause your appeal to be rejected. 

Obtain the ‘Complain about an MOT’ form and send it to the DVSA within 14 working days of the original test date.  

An appointment to retest your vehicle will be arranged within five days. You will be required to pay the full MOT fee again. However, if your vehicle passes and your appeal is successful, you’ll be issued a full or partial refund. 

Can I drive with a failed MOT? 

As mentioned above, you can drive your vehicle after failing your MOT but only subject to certain conditions. 

It is illegal to drive without a valid MOT certificate for your vehicle unless you are driving the vehicle to be repaired or to get a retest. However, if the vehicle is not roadworthy you cannot drive it at all, not even to be repaired! 

Scrapping a vehicle that has failed its test 

Most MOT failures are due to minor problems which can be fixed for a relatively low cost. However, what happens when the cost to fix outweighs the cost of the vehicle? 

While this is not an ideal situation to find yourself in, you still have options. Selling your car for scrap can be a profitable solution from a potentially expensive problem.  

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